Get up and go! Sweeping, driving uplifting orchestral melodies over crystal clear big beat    Upbeat classical fusion track with a blend of quirky processed orchestral strings and brass    Energetic commercial orchestral fusion track    Confident, positive and emotional strings, with live big drums, bass and guitar. Break at 1.04    Soaring strings backed by a crunchy Old-Skool break beat. Sync points at 0:27, 0:55, 1:53, 2:23    A punchy and urgent beat underpinning an angular positive orchestral melody    Uplifting flutes and orchestral backing with crunchy drum beats. Sync points at 0:54, 1:23, 1:56    A fast paced, exciting modern contemporary breakbeat with quick orchestral runs    Frantic drum and bass track with epic strings. Sync point at 54 and 1.33    A celebratory upbeat orchestral track with frantic beat   

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Positive Orchestral Beats

Uplifting big beats and orchestral hybrids

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