A single haunting drum with pulsing strings. Synth from 41. Chase from 1.07    Repetitive pulsing synth accompanied by a faint disjointed piano: the calm before the storm    Tension bed to begin, resolving to a dramatic percussion and orchestral led crescendo from 1.06    Tense percussion bed: a perfect dramatic scene setter    Techy percussion bed with ominous synth and brass stabs. Builds from 1.23    Heavy percussion led building bed with techy sound design    Techy percussion bed with chimes and wobbling bass evolve    A hint of Eastern percussion with ominous synths    Haunting piano with low synth and strings. Builds (slightly) from 1.04    Hybrid tension track - war horns, staccatto strings and rolling hi hats    Pulsing synth with stabbing strings and hard hitting snares build to a crescendo   

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Action Tension

The perfect partner for action, thrillers, dramas, trailers and tension

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