Ponderous and dramatic    Lovely old synth arppegios with clicky beats.Ooh, and a ukulele.    Who done it mystery theme (it was Clive Sinclair, in the drawing room, with a modem)    Unsettling blips over drum machine loops    Unsettling Western theme. 'Get on yer RAM and ride 'em out' (etc)    Distant voices and quirky jolly blips    Menacing hymn chiptune style    A regal 8 bit-a-thon    Energetic 8 bit theme    Random blippy synth arpeggio    Optimistic, bitty and lovely. With monk-esque chants    Mr Chips is half dead, and this is what the ambulance plays.    A romp through Tron-land   

*Zip file download includes 30 & 60 second previews + 320 Kbps MP3s & 48Khz WAVs full versions + licensing info

8 Bits And Bobs

Old computer homages: 8 bit moods, blips and pieces

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