Lonely beautiful version of a classic carol    Uneasy, relentless but still gorgeous slight proggy version of the carol    Piano-led version leading into an intense but darkly delicate wall of sound    Beautiful wall-of-sound surrounds a delicate vocalled version of the carol    Fragile version of the classic carol, sprinkled with tremelo guitar and soundscapes    Dreamy take on the perennial carol, ever evolving with lush tremelo guitar, synth arpeggios and str    Delicate arrangement of the carol: beautiful soundscapes and electric guitar picking    A stark take on the classic, revealing a beautiful tension   

*Zip file download includes 30 & 60 second previews + 320 Kbps MP3s & 48Khz WAVs full versions + licensing info

Ethereal Carols

Beautiful ethereal female vocal versions of traditional carols, with acapella and instrumentals

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