Pulsating, ever intensifying synth bass    Dirty drums attack amongst a dark synthscape and distant vocal wails    Dense dynamic, dramatic synthscape, epic brass at 1.24    Repeating evolving arpeggio    Evolving synths in space. Time slows.Disorientating noises at 1.36     Developing synth lines. Dirty synth at 42 seconds. A dark journey.    Heart-stopping tension track with percussive elements    Synthscape with tense guitar line    Dramatic, dischordant and disorientating    Heartbeat and knife\'s edge drama    Wasteland with emerging pulsating bass    Synths and strings and the edge of your seat    Twitchy soundscape and dramatic drum stabs    Dark and dirty recurring synth line: space-age-tastic   

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Tension Beds

Beds of tension!

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